Hopo Vape – Hopo Iron

Pack includes 2 extra pods falvors mango + tobacco.

Charger: USB charger.

Battery: Internal battery 360 mAh.

Fully charged in 30-45 Minutes.

better look, better taste ,better experience.

The best device that gives the best flavor ever.


Hopo Vape Pen, manufactured because of the need to have a high quality vape device that gives the best taste of liquid. in addition to, prevent leaking. Hopo is available in different colors like; black, Red, Grey and Blue.


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For save smoking Hopo is a true closed vaping system for maximum convenience and safe operation


Hopo Pods Specifications:

Pod capacity: 2 Ml.

Approx puffs per pod: +500 puffs.

Every pack includes 3 pods.

Hopo pods available in lot of amazing flavours (14 Flavour); Virginia Tobacco, Mango ice, Blueberry ice, Cola lemon ice, Raspberry ice and watermelon ice.


what makes Hopo the best device in his category?

Best Vaping system that prevent leak.

Unique and smooth design with small size that you carry with you wherever you go.

Best taste of liquid to the end.

No feeling of burning taste at the end of pod.

Bigger size in pod capacity than all related devices.


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